December 8, 2014 Print

The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) has published a new piece in Forbes about reducing government dependency as an incentive to work. The FGA offers a solution to the Medicaid (an American healthcare supplement for low-income earners) budget which is quickly bleeding out — renewing Medicaid expansion on a temporary basis for those who have already signed up, but immediately freezing enrollment going forward.

This approach allows for a more gradual wind down of the program and lets enrollees keep their plans until they increase their incomes, transitioning out of eligibility. The FGA cites several examples where states have disenrolled able-bodied adults from Medicaid programs, and have seen a resulting increase in the size and output of the labor force.

This sort of economic growth is what America needs to renew its economy. “After all,” writes the FGA, “The best safety net is a good-paying job.”

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