May 6, 2020 Print

Starting a business in Honduras is easier than it used to be as a result of the efforts of Fundación Eléutera, a local Atlas Network partner.

Thanks in part to their work and advocacy, the Honduran government has given more exposure and credence to the Mi Empresa en Línea Platform, the platform that cuts the price of business registration to vulnerable groups, such as those in poverty, former inmates, and migrants. Additionally, a new law on the digitization of administrative processes was approved by the National Congress, which includes the digitization of various administrative processes such as the electronic signature, tax processes, recognizing partner meetings, assemblies and Board of Directors meetings virtually.

Fundación Eléutera hosted several meetings throughout the country, where over 540 Hondurans learned how the digitization of administrative processes could make registering their businesses easier. The meetings also included government calls to action, highlighting the important role that government could play by easing their existing restrictions and regulations. 

The Fundación Eléutera team has been advocating for the simplification and elimination of restrictions for opening a business since 2018; restrictions that disproportionately impact poorer communities, such as former inmates and migrants.

Fundación Eléutera has received Atlas Network grant support for their work to make business registration more accessible in Honduras.