March 2, 2018 Print

The San Juan-based Fundación Libertad Puerto Rico is ceasing operations due to the devastation of Hurricane Maria and the toll it took on its staff who have been almost entirely forced to relocate from the island to financially sustain themselves.

“Despite our short existence Fundación Libertad Puerto Rico had some proud accomplishments,” said Joseph Milligan, executive vice president of Fundación Libertad Puerto Rico. “We played a role in keeping economic development at the heart of the policy discussion when congress addressed the fiscal crisis in 2016. We exposed local college students at the University of Puerto Rico to free-market ideas by hosting Lily Tang Williams for a wonderful speaking event. We filled the need for a free-market voice in Puerto Rico in national and local press by publishing opinions in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Forbes, Investors Business Daily, and local outlets.”

Fundación Libertad Puerto Rico extensively covered the bankruptcy filing of Puerto Rico’s sole electric company, which was a state-owned enterprise. It also hosted the Puerto Rico Freedom Forum, which focused on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index and launched the organization into the public sphere.

“What I'm most proud of is creating a community of libertarians by hosting monthly social events,” continued Milligan. “Our social events are the real legacy of the organization and will carry on after Fundación Libertad Puerto Rico. My hope is that more organized efforts to spread freedom-based ideas will spring forth from the relationships we facilitated through those gatherings. I'm currently in Puerto Rico bringing a mission team from my church in Michigan to help with rebuilding efforts. I will also be ramping up my involvement as a senior policy advisor for the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce to continue influencing the public dialogue on economic policy on the island.”