July 30, 2015 Print

Higher education plays a vital role in advancing the ideas of a free society, especially in an era when much of academia is blanketed with a left-wing progressive bias. Students who love liberty and free markets don’t always have the resources to fund high-quality postgraduate programs, so Atlas Network partner the Adam Smith Institute has created the John Blundell Studentships initiative, which will offer annual grants to pro-freedom students for postgraduate study.

The John Blundell Studentships initiative is named in memory of Atlas Network’s former president and CEO, who also served on Atlas Network’s Board of Directors before passing away in July 2014. Blundell was a tireless promoter of the free society and a free economy. Teachers, students, activists, professionals and politicians throughout the world have gained an understanding of these ideas, and gone on to become activists themselves, through his unique efforts.

Although Blundell is no longer with us, this initiative continues his life’s work of developing minds and ideas. The program will create a new generation of intellectual ambassadors for freedom around the world. There is no more fitting memorial.

“John would have been delighted,” his wife Christine Blundell said.

Learn more about the John Blundell Studentships initiative.

Donations to the initiative may also be made at Atlas Network's website by designating your gift to the “John Blundell Studentships” initiative.