August 19, 2020 Print

In El Salvador, the lure of nationalistic and populist ideas has led to an increase in big-government policies that have stifled innovation, produced new and burdensome red tape, and a fractured economy.  La Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Económico y Social (FUSADES, El Salvador), an Atlas Network partner in El Salvador, has been active in turning the tide of over-regulation by educating voters throughout the country about the dangers of populism and an obtrusive government and by highlighting the importance of the democratic process. 

Through a multifaceted outreach campaign, FUSADES was able to reach over 1.1 million Salvadorians through social media and an additional 45,000 in-person during the four month project. Members of the FUSADES team also participated in 16 interviews on prominent media outlets to promote educated and informed voting. The organization has gained over 15,000 Facebook followers, 10,500 Twitter followers, and over 1,000 Instagram followers since the project began. 

“The amount of people we have been able to reach thanks to Atlas Network, throughout many of our projects, is invaluable,” explained Emma Garcia-Prieto, director of FUSADES. “We cherish the opportunities and the sense of community built through every event, given that as much as we learn from Atlas’ experts, we also learn from other think tank leaders in the region.”

Due to COVID-19, FUSADES  has shifted large portions of their work to the digital space. This presents a unique challenge due to the low rate of El Salvador’s citizens who have access to the internet. To help a greater number of citizens stay informed, FUSADES has made it easier for citizens to gain access to information by hosting events in large public places, including shopping centers. As the election season approaches, FUSADES plans to continue sharing educational services to the Salvadoran people.

Atlas Network supported this initiative with a Poverty & Freedom Grant.