November 16, 2018 Print

This past fall, LibertyWorks held its 2nd annual LibertyFest conference in Brisbane, Australia to help gather grassroots supporters and connect them other like-minded supporters as well as with influencers in politics, academia, and media.

The website calls LibertyFest a “free-thinking conference of genuinely dangerous and disruptive ideas.”  Topics included trade, economics, free speech, sexual assault and due process on campus, social justice issues, and global politics.

The conference wrapped up with a gala dinner event with Tom Switzer, the executive director at the Centre for Independent Studies, and Craig Kelly MP, a representative of Hughes, in New South Wales, for the Liberal Party of Australia.

The three-day conference engaged 300 attendees with 30 speakers, dinner events, and free discussions of ideas. “The most disruptive idea in the world,” the website argues, “is that all men (and women) are born equal.” Ideas like this shake up the traditional, unequal order without liberty and replace it with new ideas that allow greater prosperity for everyone.

LibertyFest and other events like it are important to keeping the free-minded momentum going in Australian politics, it gives liberal ideas a seat at the table by allowing the public to come and engage with those “dangerous” ideas.