April 15, 2015 Print

Frank Schäffler and Clemens Schneider with the student staff and the first interns of Prometheus–The Liberty Institute (right), as well as two dedicated members of Students for Liberty (left).

New think tanks face an uphill battle in terms of gaining public recognition. They put together a staff and network of scholars, commission research, plan new events, and gradually build a reputation. The recently founded think tank Prometheus–The Liberty Institute, an Atlas Network partner in Germany, has already received some significant media attention since its February inception, with articles about its recent open house appearing in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Die Welt.

This media interest can be attributed in part to the political background of Prometheus co-founder Frank Schäffler, well known for his eight years promoting freedom within the German Bundestag as part of the classical liberal Free Democratic Party. He and founding partner Clemens Schneider aim to explain to the public how freedom is crucial for the continued prosperity and civil peace of German society.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung article delves into the legacy of Atlas Network founder Antony Fisher, who originally planned to pursue a political career before being convinced by Nobel laureate economist F.A. Hayek that it was far more crucial to build institutions devoted to the ideas of liberty. Only by advancing the widespread cultural acceptance of freedom and sound economics can political victories for a free society be truly long-lasting.

By leaving behind a career of political service to pursue a new venture devoted to spreading an intellectual foundation for individual liberty, a strong civil society, a free market order, the rule of law, and the abolition of a paternalistic state, Schäffler, along with Schneider and their other colleagues, is following in the footsteps of Antony Fisher and poising Prometheus–The Liberty Institute to become a warrior in the worldwide battle of ideas.

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