November 29, 2018 Print

Prior to Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2018, 21 individuals from 18 countries gathered together for Think Tank MBA (TTMBA). Participants learned valuable skills in strategic planning, sharpened leadership skills, and honed fundraising abilities. Among these 21 individuals were three Gibbs Fellows, whose attendance was sponsored by the Gibbs Foundation and who were chosen due to their potential as future leaders in the worldwide freedom movement.

Here is what the three Gibbs Fellows had to say about their experience:

Emma Garcia-Prieto
Director of CREO (El Salvador)

“As we get ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we need to reassess the path we are on and make some changes in order to remain relevant with young adults in El Salvador. This training has been extremely beneficial. We have also been able to share experiences and problems with other think tanks from around the world. These on-the-job experiences, and the way in which they overcame these problems are great lessons. It is great to see the work the freedom movement is doing around the world, and we're happy to be doing our share in El Salvador.”

Louis Houlbrooke 
Communications Officer at the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union (New Zealand)  

“After five years in operation, the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is growing fast. We now have four full-time staff and another six part-timers. This growth is certainly needed as we respond to the election of a big-spending, revenue-hungry new government, but it is a challenge for our young team to efficiently manage our new resources.

Atlas Network’s Think Tank MBA has expanded my vision beyond my formal communications role, so I now better understand the challenges our executive director faces in managing a growing team and budget. As I have become better equipped to take on a leadership role, I feel the Taxpayers’ Union is now future-proofed in the case of our founder eventually moving on from the organisation.”

Susana Donaire
Institutional Development Coordinator at México Evalúa (Mexico)

“The Think Tank MBA has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. The contents of the program are of high quality and are perfectly designed to achieve its goal: strengthening worldwide organizations that work to advance the freedom movement. I had the opportunity to meet think tank professionals from around the world, growing my professional network and creating lifelong friends. It has also allowed me to acquire knowledge and tools that will help me strengthen the work my organization does. It was a great experience, and I can’t thank enough the Atlas Network for giving me the chance to be a part of this fantastic training.”

The attendance at TTMBA for Gibbs fellows is generously supported by the Gibbs Foundation.