June 10, 2019 Print

[Image Credit: http://www.goldwaterinstitute.org]
By using storytelling techniques and practical tools gained through Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty film workshop, Goldwater Institute's new video “Arizona Blow-Dry Bar Owner Untangles Red Tape” features compelling interviews that explain how, until very recently, massive barriers prevented many Arizonans from building careers in hairstyling and makeup.

Entrepreneur Holli Christensen owns Kensington Makeup Academy, a cosmetology school where she teaches students how to follow their passion of helping others look their best. Kensington is not a hair cutting salon; instead, the school provides instruction in hairstyling and professional makeup techniques. But until April of this year, Arizona required cosmetology licensing in order to work as a professional stylist, meaning that over a thousand hours of haircutting classes and costs of up to twenty thousand dollars were necessary. The regulations were an insurmountable barrier to entry for people like Christensen, who used brushes and blowdryers, not scissors, to style her clients.

“I actually opened up a blow-dry bar, and quite frankly, it was a huge risk. I wasn’t able to work in my own business because I’m not a licensed cosmetologist,” explains Christensen in the video.

After three years of advocacy led by Goldwater Institute, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a law removing the licensing requirement on April 18th. As a result, Christensen can run her business and teach her students without worrying that her business will be shut down.

“The Goldwater Institute is committed to defending Americans’ right to earn a living, and the story of Holli Christensen is a great example of that work in action,” noted Mike Brownfield, Goldwater Institute’s director of communications. “Thanks to the Lights, Camera, Liberty program, we were able to learn new skills and techniques that helped us show how our reforms are helping Holli to succeed as an entrepreneur in Arizona.”

Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty is a highly interactive storytelling, messaging, and video production workshop held in partnership with Taliesin Nexus. The annual three-day program provides unique opportunities for nonprofits in the liberty movement to refine their brands, craft better stories, and develop inspiring films. Click here to learn more.