March 17, 2015 Print

Greece has a critical need for a public and media debate about the core concepts of classical liberalism and free markets in order to foster actual reform. A new Atlas Network partner, Greek Liberal Monitor (GLM), is giving voice to these issues in the face of an intellectual climate that previously demonized them or refused to discuss them at all.

GLM was founded late last year by Dimitris Pefanis and Michael Iakovidis, who had long pondered how to create a stable platform for networking, information, and communication with supporters of classical liberalism, libertarianism, and free markets both within Greece and abroad. They aim to create a point of entry to the difficult-to-penetrate mainstream media market that tends to be wary of upsetting the status quo.

GLM’s launch happened to coincide with Atlas Network’s December events in Greece, featuring Tom G. Palmer, Atlas Network’s executive vice president of international programs, and Greek native Alexander Skouras, Atlas Network’s associate director of institute relations. Skouras contacted GLM about Atlas Network’s plans, and quickly included their participation alongside other Atlas Network partners like the Liberty Forum of Greece (KEFIM), the John Stuart Mill Research Group, and LearnLiberty.GR, and other free-market groups.

In its few short months so far, GLM has evolved in response to input from users and partners, focusing more on original content generation and soon introducing columnists to the site. An ambitious feature-of-the-month project will allow foreign users of the site to become appraised of crucial perspectives on a specific Greek policy or market issue, and will include articles from prominent scholars, politicians, and administrators. GLM also has plans to work with other organizations within the Balkans, and at a global level, to create events, seminars, activism, and original content in Greece and throughout Europe.

Greek Liberal Monitor delivers value to anyone who wants to understand events in the country where the very idea of Europe originated,” said Tom G. Palmer, Atlas Network’s vice president for international programs. “Their reporters and analysts cover the key events and trends in a nation that is at the center of world attention. That nation has a rich tradition of freedom, but Greece is besieged by extremist anti-liberty forces of the far left and the far right, who are committed jointly to undermining toleration, liberal democracy, free markets and free speech. Greek Liberal Monitor provides information otherwise unobtainable in English on what is happening in Greece today and a refreshing classical liberal perspective.”

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