April 18, 2018 Print

A new business documentary series by the Greek Liberties Monitor (GLM), an Atlas Network partner in Athens, Greece, seeks to change the anti-market environment that has prevailed in Greece the last several years by featuring successful businessmen and executives making positive impacts in their community. The series, titled Greek Crisis Success Stories, aims to highlight the efforts of Greek entrepreneurs who have started businesses at the height of the economic crisis and continue to thrive and create value for their communities.

The Success Stories project, now in its second phase, has featured 12 business leaders from around Greece. The documentary videos of the first phase accrued more than 300,000 views across a multitude of platforms, and GLM celebrated the release of the second phase by ringing the closing bell at the Athens stock exchange in March 2018.

Trailer for Greek Crisis Success Stories series.

Additionally, last year the Greek Liberties Monitor partnered with the Foundation for Economic Education to translate and distribute copies of FEE publications in schools around Greece. The aim of the initiative is to promote economics education among high school and college students in the country.

FEE President Lawrence Reed discusses the partnership with Greek Liberties Monitor.

By translating popular economic literature into Greek, the Athens-based organization has been reaching out to students in high school and primary school. Greek Liberties Monitor helps these young people understand the economic concepts associated with capitalism and free markets, to allow them to be better consumers, better citizens, and more inspired entrepreneurs. More than 200 teachers in the Athens area have begun using the materials, and a one-day Greek Economics Seminar in Athens drew more than 2,500 attendees.

FEE President Lawrence Reed’s coursework of Economics in One Day was translated, and GLM held a well-attended event featuring the author. GLM has also created a curriculum in Greek, which will soon be available online.

The Greek Liberties Monitor’s newest project, named the Souvlaki Project, focuses primarily on drawing attention to reducing the 24 percent VAT on food products. Greece is a major importer of food products, meaning that this tax leads to a significant increase in prices for produce, meat, and beverages in the country. The aim of the Souvlaki Project is to reduce this VAT by nearly half, to 13 percent. The campaign is supported by Greece’s Association of Restaurateurs (POESE), will be presented at Europe Liberty Forum’s Crowdsource Liberty session, and will launch a Kickstarter campaign in May.

GLM has received Atlas Network grants in support of its translation efforts.