June 12, 2017 Print

Greg Lindsay, executive director of The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) in Australia, will be stepping down after almost 42 years as Executive Director of CIS early next year. Lindsay will retire as the longest-serving head of an Atlas Network partner organization.

“So, having seemingly broken the world record for longevity as the head of a think tank, I suppose I had to stop eventually,” wrote Lindsay in a recent email. “But we have a fine institution whose role is ever more important. The freedoms we enjoy must be protected and enhanced.”

Lindsay will remain at CIS in a part-time advisory role for some time after stepping down as Executive Director, and will also remain on the Board. He will hand over the reins to Tom Switzer, who is a presenter on the ABC's Radio National, and has been a Senior Fellow at The University of Sydney's United States Studies Centre, editor of Spectator Australia, opinion editor of The Australian, editorial writer and assistant opinion editor at The Australian Financial Review, and assistant editor at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. He regularly appears on TV and radio around Australia and abroad.

"It's rather impressive to look at how Greg led CIS from its humble born-in-a-garage origins to become an essential part of Australian policy debates," said Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips. "Extra kudos go to Greg and the CIS board for planning out what we hope will be a smooth transition to new leadership under Tom Switzer."  

Lindsay will be a featured speaker on a panel discussion involving “Think Tank Luminaries” at Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2017, Nov. 7-8 in New York City.