October 8, 2015 Print

Photo credit: (c) Can Stock Photo

Innovation can’t flourish if entrepreneurs don’t have access to the capital they need to take risks on new ventures. Atlas Network partner Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe will address the difficulties that startups face when trying to finance their projects during its Nov. 18 conference at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. Titled “For a risk-ready Europe: Bridging the gap between startups and investors,” the event aims to help entrepreneurs develop a plan to surmount the logistical problems they encounter in the process of getting a startup off the ground.

The problems facing startups begin with the loan process. The risk that commercial banks take on is significantly higher for ventures with a low possibility of profit, so only a small percentage of startups receiving funding. Some entrepreneurs have begun to use crowdfunding to launch popular projects with uncertain risk, but this form of raising money is not allowed in some countries, such as Slovenia, because of potential concerns about fraud.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe, named after the prominent free-market Austrian economist, “is dedicated to bridging the gap between believers in the free market across artificial boundaries that often divide academic, business, and political circles.” Founded in 2001, the institute organizes conferences, debates, and symposia as part of its mission to shift the intellectual climate and create prosperity for every individual.