June 5, 2019 Print

The following tribute comes from Eneas Biglione, Executive Director of Fundación Internacional Latinoamérica Libre, honoring the memory of María Celsa Rodríguez Mercado:

"On May 16, 2019, we received terrible news: the early passing of our partner and friend, the lawyer María Celsa Rodríguez Mercado, honorable Vice President of Fundación Internacional Latinoamérica Libre. She left this world at the age of 53, and at the peak of her professional career as a leader in the promotion of the benefits of freedom in the Latin American region and the world.

María Celsa was a person of unblemished integrity and a tireless fighter at the time of carrying out our mission: the dissemination of the ethical, legal and economic benefits of freedom around the Americas. Her academic preparation was extraordinary and allowed her to debate energetically with socialists from all political parties about the most diverse policy issues.

She made many academic contributions to the cause of freedom. Among them, the promotion of a brave anti-Peronist and anti-Kirchnerist perspective in her native country, Argentina; and profound knowledge about the challenges on defense and security issues that threaten our hemisphere. In 2017 she published an outstanding book “Tecnología, un engaño electoral” about electoral fraud certified through electronic vote. She was also the author of over a hundred articles of opinion that were published in the United States, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Her great passion was the radio, where she accurately analyzed the policy issues of the day in the media of Israel, Argentina, and Colombia. As a female leader, she was a true model for the youth, never accepting any gender-related privilege, and warning the world about the threats that cultural Marxism imposes to our Western world.

To me, she was a sincere friend, a true sister in the most fraternal sense of the word. During more than a decade, I had her unconditional respect and support to advance the cause of freedom as a team. I already miss her energy, the raw sincerity of her comments, and her generosity.

As an organization, we know that the life of María Celsa was a great example of persistence and courage at the service of the cause of freedom. That is the reason why we have decided to develop a special program as a tribute to her legacy, a program to continue inspiring young Latin Americans to think and to carry out their lives in a free and responsible way.

We have received countless words of solidarity and empathy about her passing. Today we want to publicly extend our condolences to her mother, Mrs. Celsa Mercado, and all her relatives, friends and colleagues who suffer her early passing."