October 15, 2020 Print

In 2019 Connor Boyack, president and CEO of the Libertas Institute, was awarded the Think Tank Shark Tank award for his cutting-edge Free Market Rules Curriculum. The curriculum builds on the widely popular Tuttle Twins books by offering weekly lesson plans for parents to spark meaningful conversations about integral free market ideals with their children. 

Since winning the competition, with a cash prize of $25,000, the Libertas Institute has been able to expand their Free Market Rules Curriculum. The group has sold over 1.5 million Tuttle Twin books to date and currently provides about 2,500 families with their weekly Free Market Rules Curriculum. 

In the wake of COVID-19, many parents have been given the unique task of teaching their children from home, or facilitating a healthy learning environment while their children learn online. The Free Market Rules Curriculum can help parents foster a more engaging learning environment. Boyack says, “Since winning think tank shark tank our subscription adoption, the number of new families we are adding everyday, has doubled. That is largely because of COVID,” said Boyack.

The Libertas Institute’s award-winning Free Market Rules Curriculum empowers parents to become thoughtful and capable teachers through the introductory material provided alongside the Tuttle Twins books and workbooks. These resources allow parents to provide different viewpoints for children since, according to Boyack, “schools have become increasingly pro-socialism and big government.” With schools leaving integral ideas of free market capitalism and civic liberty out of their curriculum, Free Market Rules is a powerful resource to equip children with the intrinsic values and knowledge of sound economics that will help them throughout their life.

By providing parents with the materials to successfully teach their children, parents become more apt to guide their children on the path towards intellectual freedom. “We started focusing on an at-home family curriculum so that parents and families together could learn, so that you then get the retention that you want for children to remember and apply these ideas. The parents understanding what their kids are learning is critical so these conversations can happen,” said Boyack. 

Boyack challenges future Think Tank Shark Tank competitors to be bold and “think outside of the box in terms of some game changing ideas that can actually make a large impact”, think about the sustainability of each project, and strategically plan how to measure the metrics that will contribute to the success of a given project. 

In the near future, the Libertas Institute plans to release nine new Tuttle Twins books, four of which will be geared towards teenagers. Additionally, a new animated cartoon series based on the Tuttle Twins is in development, and the organization recently launched a podcast geared towards free market education. 

This year's Think Tank Shark Tank competition will take place virtually during the 2020 Liberty Forum & Freedom dinner on November 11th and 12th.