January 25, 2016 Print

The ideas of liberty can come to vivid life through the power of well-produced video, and Argentinian Atlas Network partner Libertad y Progreso is having tremendous public policy impact with its “Crash Courses in Liberty” (“Aprender Volando”) series. Its work has caught the attention of Argentina’s new president, Mauricio Macri, who requested during a television interview that the América TV network show Libertad y Progreso’s video contrasting populism with the principles of a limited-government republic.

Libertad y Progreso’s explaining the destructive effects of populism has made inroads throughout Argentina. It is part of a series that has garnered more than 5 million views, and Cabiemos, the new president’s political coalition, has used the video in its social media campaign. It has even made waves outside Argentina, as former president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez posted it on his Twitter timeline.

Throughout the past four years, Libertad y Progreso has been a vocal critic of the populist, interventionist, and anti-trade policies of former president Cristina Kircher. It has made numerous media appearances, promoting an economic freedom reform agenda, producing engaging and insightful videos that have attracted millions of viewers, and participating in an election observation body to support more transparent elections.

Now that an incoming government that is more amenable to the ideas of economic freedom is in a position to enact reform, Libertad y Progreso has established channels of communication with the new cabinet in order to provide it with the intellectual and practical groundwork necessary to bring Argentina into a new era of free markets and prosperity.

Libertad y Progreso kicked off its “Crash Courses in Liberty” video series in 2014 after winning second place in Atlas Network’s Think Tank Shark Tank competition at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, giving the organization the resources needed to establish this outstanding series. Its work also garnered a Latin America Liberty Award at this year's Latin America Liberty Forum.

Watch “Republicanism Vs. Populism” (video in Spanish).