November 25, 2014 Print

Sisters Kanan and Kelly Dhru of the Research Foundation for Governance in India had a dream of teaching rights to kids. They noticed that Indians were growing up without a strong appreciation for, or understanding of, their Constitution. Boring, exam-driven civics classes and bulky jargon-filled law books may be to blame, but the sisters saw that their country was suffering the consequences of a public less vigilant in protecting their rights from government abuses.

Back in June, Atlas Network wrote about the Dhru sisters’ vision to educate youth about India’s legal system through comic books. Thanks to a crowd funding campaign that raised almost $5000, their dream is now a reality. The first edition of Lawtoons, a serial comic book following an Indian boy’s discovery of the Constitution, is now in print.

Lawtoons’ main character, Pugloo, is an energetic and mischievous 10-year-old boy from India. Pugloo receives a special gift on his birthday, an enchanting book on Indian laws and rights. 

Kanan says that Lawtoons seeks to educate children about the “golden triangle of the Indian Constitution”—rights to equality, speech, and life. The first edition of Lawtoons expands on these first two rights in a kid-friendly context.

Lawtoons is making rights, laws, and freedoms easy to understand for kids through comics,” Kanan told Atlas Network in a recent interview.

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