October 12, 2018 Print

MK Haskel speaks at an IFM event in 2017. Photo Credit: The Israeli Freedom Movement.

As a result of her leadership in the Freedom Index Project — a tool developed by the Israeli Freedom Movement (IFM) — Knesset (Israeli legislature) Member Sharren Haskel addressed German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders during the last week of September at the 2018 Group of 10 (G10) conference in Berlin. MK Haskel (the only representative from Israel) was one of ten participants in this highly selective, highly influential conference. As a participant, Haskel was able to argue for greater market solutions around the globe and express her growing concern over the big-government policies of many European countries.

The G10 summit brings together representatives from the strongest economies in the world and high-ranking officials from the International Monetary Fund in order to discuss the lending strategies of the IMF and the future of the global economy. MK Haskel was asked to attend the conference because of her consistent promotion of free-market policies, which is visibly apparent due to the Freedom Index Project.

“The Freedom Index is an important project of the Israel Freedom movement” explained IFM Director Boaz Arad. “This index rates the [MKs] based on how their legislative activity promotes or suppresses personal freedom and free markets … MK Sharren Haskel has led the index in all of its installments to date. MK Haskel has distinguished herself by promoting laws decriminalizing marijuana possession, abolishing the state-supported agricultural councils, and proposing various bills to remove trade barriers and to lessen the burden of regulation and bureaucracy.”

Her consistent pro-economy record was noted by the global leaders that organize the G10 conference.

“In their letter of invitation to MK Haskel … she was asked to join a ‘small group of 10 hand-picked international participants,’” continued Arad. “The panel touched upon the issues of free trade and global free market economy … the letter stated ‘we strongly appreciate your participation. As you are a Member of Knesset working on economic issues and hence were voted as the most active Parliament member on [economic] issues your input is very important for us.’”

The importance of MK Haskel’s participation at G10 as well as the role the Freedom Index Project and the Israel Freedom movement played in her selection garnered the attention of major publications within Israel such as the the Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom.

Atlas Network had the opportunity to ask MK Haskel why economic liberty is important in Israel today as well as what she hoped to accomplish during the conference.

"The Israeli economy is highly regulated and the government involvement in the private business sector is high,” Haskel said. “That directly affects the prices for food, housing and basic products. In order to reduce the cost of living and be able to give to hard working families the opportunity to own a home or a business, we need to create a stable and a strong economy. The key to strengthening our economy is reduce the taxes, the regulation and the bureaucracy. This is my main goal since I became a Knesset member and this is the reason that I’ve won the liberty index for the sixth time in a row.”

MK Haskel’s participation in the G10 summit represents a step in the direction of free markets and free peoples by key decision makers in the international community.

“IFM hopes that its actions in raising awareness of the importance of liberty will produce more legislative moves in [the direction of freedom],” concluded Arad.