September 9, 2014 Print

One of the most common reactions students have following a FEE seminar is, “Why haven’t I heard about these ideas before?” Comments like this provide a glimpse into the inadequate learning environments where most students in their teens and early-20s today find themselves. By and large, young students are not being taught the foundational ideas that make human flourishing possible. Their economics courses lead them to believe in the costless choice, and their civics courses encourage the notion that government’s contributions to society far outweigh those of people in markets.

FEE gives young people the tools they need to understand the value of the individual in a free society. FEE provides students with an introduction to the freedom philosophy in its various economic, legal, and ethical dimensions, emphasizing particularly how the institutions of the free society both depend on and reinforce the strengths of individuals of good character.

Through its educational programs, which speak to students' everyday experiences and aspirations, FEE seeks to inspire the next generation of leaders to choose freedom over control, and cooperation over envy and indignation. Toward these ends, FEE has set the goal of being the world’s leading expert in communicating the freedom philosophy to entirely new and underserved groups of young people. Its recent “Communicating Liberty” summit is among the first of many efforts aimed toward developing better communicators for freedom. Additionally, FEE recently assembled its first marketing team, which will research, develop, test, and iterate messages for its various customer audiences.

Only by providing students with a credible alternative to the government-centric messages they hear daily in school, online, and in the general culture will freedom’s advocates lay the foundation for the continuation of the historically recent and dramatic progress of humanity.