May 14, 2014 Print

Pakistan’s Alternate Solutions Institute published a new book, “Pakistan’s Democratic Impasse – Analysis and the Way Forward,” indicting politicians as the main culprit for failing the state of Pakistan. The book falsifies the myth of blaming the Pakistan Army for the ills Pakistan is facing. The author, Dr. Khalil Ahmad, argues that Pakistan’s constitution authorizes politicians to rule, not the Army. Dr. Ahmad is one of the founders of the Alternate Solutions Institute, an Atlas Network partner dedicated to the strengthening of fundamental rights and rule of law in Pakistan. He holds that after so many stumbles through the 65 years of its existence, Pakistan has finally come to be “a government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals.” By putting all the burden of failures on politicians, Dr. Ahmad says that constitutionalism and civilian supremacy in Pakistan will be strengthened, resulting in rule of law as an established norm in the country. He hopes this will lay the groundwork not only for a decriminalized democratic polity but also for democratic culture and values to flourish. Find out how to get the book here.