October 31, 2016 Print

At a Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) panel in Israel, the participating women agreed that in order to better persuade women throughout the world to join the freedom movement, libertarians must express the sincere compassion that drives the solutions offered by classical liberalism. Daphna Morell, an Israeli political science student and libertarian activist, recently launched a LOLA Social Chapter in Tel Aviv. Earlier this year, she joined with Nena Whitfield, president of LOLA, and two other female libertarian leaders to discuss why the ideals of classical liberalism are important to women and how to increase the female involvement necessary for the worldwide freedom movement to succeed on a much broader scale.

By relying too heavily on data-driven, economic arguments, libertarians tend to ignore the empathetic nature of the ideas of liberty, an approach that could spark a love for freedom and motivate both women and men from many walks of life to advocate for a free society, Morell and Whitfield argued. Although the freedom movement in Israel is small, 30 women — mostly strangers — had signed up to to participate in the LOLA meeting within hours of its announcement. The new LOLA chapter's first social event was held toward the end of summer this year, and participants reported that what was meant to be a short meet-and-greet of liberty-minded women turned into four hours of the most honest, inspiring, empowering conversation they had ever experienced.

Daphna Morell

“I want my community to understand that just because I do not think government is the solution to all the problems we face, does not mean I don’t want the problems to be solved,” Morell said while in Washington, D.C., attending a recent LOLA Leadership Retreat. “It means I want to introduce solutions that are best for all people. I am happy and proud to go back to Israel having met remarkable women from all over the world fighting to promote liberty and express the compassion that drives the principles and policies we represent.“

Having the support of other libertarian women has given Morell the confidence to speak out with this message, and her efforts have been noticed. Upon learning of Morell’s activism and the launch of LOLA Tel Aviv, a feminist and capitalist Parliamentarian has invited her to meet and discuss how to increase women’s liberty and promote free markets through libertarian policies in Israel.

“It is my privilege to meet fascinating women from around the world who really care about freedom,” said Pagona Stratoudakis, LOLA’s new executive director. “Women who are committed to bringing new people to the ideas of liberty by highlighting the human side — the compassionate side — that motivates so much of our work as libertarians. It is not all about lowering trade barriers. It’s about being free to live your life and pursue happiness and make the most of ourselves as people and as women. Daphna understands that, and her work as a leader will continue to create great changes that will bring increased freedom and prosperity to Israel.”

LOLA’s vision is to advance the worldwide freedom movement by creating an empowered network of libertarian women leaders actively engaging in public discourse, showing their empathy to those harmed by government, and drawing new audiences to the political and societal changes needed to secure opportunity for every individual and family. Stratoudakis recently attended Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum and participated in the 2016 Think Tank Leadership Training.