December 6, 2018 Print

As a result of large government programs and state takeovers of major industries, Venezuela’s economy has continued to decline. This is causing large-scale unemployment, massive starvation, and rising crime as social order deteriorates. Breakdowns like this occur when liberty fails to be protected and understood by those in power or by the majority of citizens of a country. To inform and persuade the people of Venezuela towards the case for liberty, Econintech hosted the first in a series of presentations on Why Liberty — a collection of essays edited by Dr. Tom Palmer and published as a book. The event was held in the library of Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado in the city of Barquisimeto on Nov. 9.

The task of educating others about the importance of private property, free markets, and an open society has been the life-long mission of Dr. Palmer, George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty and executive vice president for international programs at Atlas Network.

"Liberty is, at the base, a pretty simple idea, which is presented in the collection Why Liberty” commented Dr. Palmer, who himself wrote many of the essays in the book. “I'm both honored and impressed by the work of Econintech in Venezuela. Moreover, I respect them immensely for persevering under the remarkably difficult conditions in Venezuela."

Now more than ever, the principles of freedom need a voice in Venezuela. Why Liberty presents the brief and well-articulated vision of those principles which made it an ideal resource for Econintech.

“At this moment, Venezuelans [need] to learn the real meaning of Liberty,” explained Rafael Acevedo, founder and director of Econintech. “Since 1958 politicians have created a great bias and people think about freedom just as the right to vote. Dr. Palmer’s books are an excellent tool to help us in our work in Venezuela, his writings and lectures are very inspirational, easy to understand and encourage us to continue our fight for freedom in one of the worst, or perhaps the worst, place in the world [where] — if you are a libertarian — you are in serious danger.”

The inaugural presentation was made in the packed library with hardly any seats remaining unfilled.

“We overcame our goal, more than 100 attendees were in that presentation,” continued Acevedo. “The public was very receptive and enjoyed the talks of our Directors: Luis Cirocco (Founder-Director and CEO), Joel Torrez (Director of Entrepreneurism) and Neley Rueda (Academic Director). For the next 5 presentations, we are receiving many emails that express intention to attend. Our expectation is in total at least 300 attendees in the 6 events.”

The disparaging state of Venezuela's economy has prompted many Venezuelans to begin considering the ideas of liberty. Econintech will continue to advocate and explain the ideas of true freedom in this critical moment in the history of its nation.

“Venezuela has a narco-terrorist tyranny,” concluded Acevedo. “At this moment there are many politicians and political movements that try to hide their mercantilism and socialism with the speech of liberty. The regime, fake opposition, and the socialist ‘influencers’ attack the real freedom movement. Nevertheless, Econintech teaches people and our work has had a nationwide success never imagined. Now, Venezuelans are protesting and requesting new and real libertarian reforms.”