June 6, 2014 Print

Sisters Khanan and Kelly Dhru have a shared vision to improve India’s legal system. Their most recent project, Lawtoons, is a cartoon series about the laws of India, with the goal of making laws and individual rights easier to understand and fun to learn. By illustrating laws in a series of interesting and inspiring comics, they hope to create a more empowered society in a fun way. Lawtoons will be made available in Gujarati and English to more than 1,000 schoolchildren from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The two sisters became dedicated to working on legal reforms in India five years ago, when they founded the Research Foundation for Governance in India. Khanan is also an active Atlas Leadership Academy participant, having recently completed the Asia Centre for Enterprise’s Think Tank Start Up Training this past January in Delhi. With an official launch of the crowd-funded project slated for November 2014, Lawtoons has already made a splash in prominent Indian newspapers. Learn more about their project here.