February 11, 2016 Print

The ideas of liberty can seem simple at first glance, but complex arguments undergird the value of individual freedom, property rights, and free markets. Five years ago, the Institute for Humane Studies launched a new program, Learn Liberty, devoted to making those arguments accessible and understandable for the online media of a new generation. On Feb. 11, Learn Liberty celebrated its fifth anniversary with a social media blitz in which libertarian academics who have been featured in the program’s videos shared some of their favorites.

Aeon Skoble, a philosophy professor at Bridgewater State University, shared a video of his from 2012 explaining why thieves hate free markets:

Steve Horwitz, an economics professor at St. Lawrence University, shared his video from 2011 explaining the misleading statistics of the gender wage gap:

Matthew Mitchell, a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, shared his 2015 video about the economics of competition over time:

The Learn Liberty website also counted down its top five most viewed videos ever, capped off by criminal law professor Alex Kreit, of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, explaining the destructive consequences of mandatory minimum drug laws:

Learn Liberty has built up a huge library of video content during the past five years, with topics covering economics, education, environmentalism, foreign policy, philosophy, and much more. Learn Liberty augments the videos with robust discussion groups that explore the ideas in even greater detail.