November 7, 2017 Print

Buenos Aires-based Libertad y Progreso has won the Lights, Camera, Liberty! Film Festival Award for its video Why Argentina Fails.

“We are very grateful to Atlas Network for granting the Lights, Camera, Liberty! Film Festival Award to Libertad y Progreso,” said Candelaria de Elizalde, Libertad y Progreso’s general coordinator and a graduate of Atlas Leadership Academy. “It is always a pleasure to see our work rewarded, in particular by an organization that supports us as much as Atlas Network does. The Lights, Camera, Liberty! training has been vital for the production of our videos and we are very happy to see its fruits recognized.”

¿Por qué no la pega la Argentina? (Why Argentina Fails)

The Lights, Camera, Liberty! Film Festival Award recognizes the most successful online video released in the last year. Strong candidates articulate the strategic impact of their video and most typically have reached significant and strategic audiences, utilized effective messaging or storytelling, and demonstrated capable production and editing techniques.

With over 420,000 views of Why Argentina Fails, many journalists began talking about how 8 million Argentines work to support the 20 million receiving payments from Argentina’s government – one of the major issues mentioned in the video. The government has responded to the ensuing public outcry by developing a program called “Plan Empalme” to benefit companies that hire welfare recipients, and this plan is quite similar to the one Libertad y Progreso proposes in its video (link in Spanish).

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