October 13, 2015 Print

Exploring the ideas of a free society just became easier with a new video series from Learn Liberty, providing an accessible introduction to libertarian ideas. Liberty 101, co-sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies and Students For Liberty, is an on-demand series that will explore timely topics on the fundamental principles of a free and prosperous society.

The videos fall into three sections:

  • Philosophy & Liberty — Prof. Peter Jaworski from Georgetown University covers the concept of liberty, individualism, toleration, and peace.
  • Economics & Liberty — Prof. Diana Thomas from Creighton University covers the market process, skepticism of power, and civil society.
  • Law & Liberty — Prof. Christopher Koopman from George Mason University covers spontaneous order, rule of law, and limited government.

In the first video, Jaworski explains how philosophy is integral to understanding libertarian principles. “It’s not good enough to just know a bunch of facts,” he says. “We need to know which outcomes are good and which ones are bad and philosophy is what gives you the tools to understand that.”

Learn Liberty is a project of Atlas Network partner the Institute for Humane Studies, at George Mason University, and Students for Liberty. Its extensive online resources include a catalogue of videos that explore a multitude of topics rooted in liberty and free markets. It aims to help its audience master big ideas that are scaleable to current political issues. After enrolling at the Learn Liberty website, participants can access all videos and interactive discussion boards, facilitating an ongoing discussion about which ideas contribute to a free and prosperous society.

Learn more about Liberty 101 and register online.