February 25, 2019 Print

Liberty lovers and famous libertarian activists will be gathering in the beautiful city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from June 6–9, 2019 to discuss and celebrate freedom at the Liberty International World Conference. Hosted by Atlas Network partner Silk Road Foundation, the conference will feature a vibrant learning and networking environment in a breathtaking city. The Silk Road Foundation is an NGO established in 2013 that focuses on promoting free markets, individual liberty, and a limited government in Mongolia.

Liberty International is one of the premier conferences for libertarians around the world to connect and share ideas. With the stated goal of inspiring the creation and growth of regional networks, as well as grassroots organizations, the conference provides valuable training to classical liberals across the globe. The Liberty International conference has previously been hosted in 24 different countries. Some previous cities include Athens, Rome, Berlin, and San Francisco.

“The main goal of the conference is to introduce current libertarian points of interest to an already liberty-oriented audience with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation,” said M. Khaliunbat, the founder and CEO of Silk Road Foundation.

With so many supporters of the global liberty movement congregating in one location, the event promises to be filled with the best and brightest minds engaging in provocative discussions. Theoretical discussion, real-time case studies, networking, lectures, and panelists will highlight the conference’s many events. These liberty-oriented programs are geared towards promoting the movement of freedom and liberty. In addition to these opportunities, the networking dinners will provide attendees with fantastic opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and discuss the developments of the liberty movement. With speakers hailing from all over the globe, the event will undoubtedly provide a diverse and unique take on the future of liberty throughout the world.  

This year’s speakers will include Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Ken Schooland, and Christopher Lingle. In addition to these speakers, Atlas Network will also be facilitating a training session in conjunction with the Liberty International conference. More information will be released soon on the Atlas Leadership Academy page.

Not only will the event provide those in attendance with a unique experience to meet and discuss with like-minded liberty lovers, but it will also provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the the stunning natural and cultural aspects of Mongolia. The Liberty International World Conference will advocate for core universal principles in a country that is sure to take your breath away!

“By coming to Mongolia for Liberty International you’ll be able to explore the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, and meet other freedom lovers and famous libertarian activists from all over the world,” continued Khaliunbat. “It is going to be a networking event with many interesting lectures and insights on liberty.”

Don’t miss your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind opportunity in the liberty community by registering on the Liberty International World Conference website now!