August 6, 2015 Print

The liberty movement is exploding in Brazil, especially among young students who are passionate about the ideas of freedom, individual rights, and peace. Atlas Network partner Estudantes Pela Liberdade (EPL) has seen a consistent and significant increase in participants in its coordinators program, in which EPL train students in activism, project management, local fundraising, marketing and public speaking. Its coordinators program has seen an impressive growth rate of 100 percent in both semesters of 2015 for local coordinators alone. Its numbers now account for almost half of all the members of all of the coordinators programs for Students for Liberty, with more than Europe and North America combined.

Kim Kataguiri (Estudantes Pela Liberdade) and Fabio Ostermann (Instituto Ordem Livre) after a recent Atlas Network event in New York City.

EPL members like Kim Kataguiri have received significant media attention in prominent publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times for bringing small-government principles to mainstream Brazilian politics. The Brazilian government is currently amid a major political and economic crisis, with the party in power involved in its second major corruption scandal for allegedly coercing companies to donate to the president’s campaign and diverting funds from the state-owned oil company to the campaign. Additionally, unemployment is up, the country is in a recession, and the government is implementing unpopular austerity measures.

"We defend free markets, lower taxes, and the privatization of all public companies,” Kataguiri announced, citing economists like Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and Friedrich A. Hayek as strong influences.

EPL is excited for these outcomes and the potential for even more growth, and hopes to have more than 1,000 members in the coordinators program by 2016. This dynamic, adaptive program provides training, incentives, and a career path for those who will become the future of the worldwide freedom movement.

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