December 6, 2017 Print

Photo: LibertyFest

LibertyWorks Inc., an Atlas Network partner based in Brisbane, Australia, recently hosted its annual LibertyFest Conference. This conference was held to celebrate existing liberties and discuss how liberties that have been lost can be restored. The event consisted of a day filled with speakers and entertainers whose mission was to advocate for liberty and stimulate thinking.

Over 200 attended the conference, where a total of 23 speakers were featured, including Andrew Cooper, president and founder of LibertyWorks, Inc., Tim Andrews, the executive director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, and Daniel J. Mitchell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. These intellectuals came together to speak on a variety of topics ranging from free speech and indigenous affairs to climate change and the economy.

Following the presentations, there was a gala dinner which included the presentation of the Inaugural Liberty Award, given to an Australian who has significantly moved the liberty movement forward in the preceding year. This year’s award was presented to Anthony Morris, a prominent Queensland Barrister. He was granted the award for his work campaigning to reduce legal impediments to free speech and for his pro-bono work on behalf of the students involved in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) case.

The QUT case involved three male students who were asked to leave a computer lab for indigenous students by Cindy Prior, an administrative assistant at QUT. Those students commented on Facebook about being asked to leave and Prior felt those comments were inappropriate. Feeling that the university did not take sufficient action against these students for their comments, Prior lodged a complaint in the Australian Human Rights Commission and later commenced proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court. Morris helped the students to extricate themselves from the legal battle. The case was eventually dismissed.