October 23, 2015 Print

The world is filled with stories that illustrate how innovation, entrepreneurship, productivity, exchange, and the voluntary aid of civil society combine to foster widespread human freedom and flourishing. It’s not always evident, though, how best to harness their narrative power and further spread the ideas of liberty. Lights, Camera, Liberty! is an Atlas Network grant and training program that focuses on how to tell these stories in visual media, culminating in a film festival competition at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner in New York City, with cash prizes for the winner.

The three finalists for this year’s 2015 Lights, Camera, Liberty! are:

Institute for Humane Studies: “Sophia's Story”

Sophia has “uncontrolled” epilepsy, meaning her seizures can’t be stopped by currently available medications. There is a substance that has helped to control seizures in many other children, but it’s currently unavailable to Sophia because of laws against medical marijuana.

This video was a collaboration between the Drug Policy Alliance and Learn Liberty, the latter of which is a project of Atlas Network partner the Institute for Humane Studies (United States).

CEPOS: “Century Tax Reform”

Denmark-based Atlas Network partner CEPOS presents its vision of coherent tax reform, taking a large step in the direction toward a less intrusive and more growth-oriented tax system. Tax reforms will, among other things, dissipate the pressure of globalization and raise the potential for growth in the Danish economy.

 Independent Institute: “Love Gov”

Love Gov portrays the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend — Scott “Gov” Govinsky — who foists his “good intentions” on hapless, idealistic college student Alexis. Atlas Network partner the Independent Institute (United States) produced this compelling new millennial video series, titled “Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate.” The series is connected to the organization’s MyGovCost: Government Cost Calculator website and app.

The Lights, Camera, Liberty! grant and training program includes complimentary registration and accommodations for our annual Lights, Camera, Liberty! workshop in Los Angeles with Hollywood insiders; financial support for video equipment and technology improvements; multi-day on-site training at your headquarters for multiple staff; access to a private message board year-round where film and video experts will answer your questions, review your work, and offer tutorials and tips; and eligibility to compete in our annual film festival competition at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner in New York City with cash prizes for the winner.