July 27, 2020 Print

Finding a job is often a full-time job. To help young people in Brazil be more competitive in the job market, Livres is reaching out to low-income audiences to help build skills that will give them a boost in preparing for professional interviews as well as develop a more complete understanding of the benefits of entrepreneurship. 

Livres, an Atlas Network partner in Brazil, launched the “Ambassadors for Prosperity” program in 2018, offering classes and workshops that discussed the benefits of entrepreneurship in low-income communities, with an emphasis on reaching 16–25-year olds. Designed for those who lack access to formal education, the project promotes innovation and includes opportunities for participants to engage with Livres’ local leaders. Livres has 16 members in legislative roles who are directly engaged with public policy at the local and federal levels. 

With COVID-19 impacting their ability to reach out to larger audiences, Livres pivoted the program’s second phase by marketing the program to local radio shows. The switch to radio ads made it easier for the project to reach its target market, and Livres received a record number of applicants.

Following the completion of phase two of Livres’ programming, 13 percent of students found jobs immediately. The organization estimates that over 2,000 people have benefited from the program since its inception and hopes to grow that number to reach its goal of altering the national job landscape in Brazil. 

“I could see the transformation happening in front of me—the kind of thing that only education programs can promote in the life of a poor teenager with no opportunities,” said Project Coordinator Recife Karla Falcão. By focusing on the potential in each individual, Livres has created new ways to challenge young people to produce results through knowledge and education.

“Our idea would not have been possible if it were not for the partnership and sponsorship that Atlas Network offered us,” said Director of Public Policy Izabela Patriota. “With a good idea and a good investment, we were able to lift young people out of extreme poverty in Brazil and make them independent. They were able to set their path and change their own world.”

By working to develop the talent of young people in Brazil, Livres works to ensure that every person has the opportunity to reach their potential. Each workshop motivates, teaches, and allows each participant to network, grow, and flourish.

Livres received a grant from Atlas Network in support of this project.