June 11, 2014 Print

Malaysian-based Atlas Network partner Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) recently launched a new initiative called Malaysia Kita, a grassroots initiative “of like-minded individuals and organisations who are committed to foster a more harmonious and progressive Malaysia.” It is a response to the rising tides of racism and religious extremism. The Malaysia Kita initiative, led by IDEAS, is actively engaging with stakeholders and policymakers and it is focused on building a network to bring Malaysians together to advocate better polices for the promotion of national unity. Chief Executive of IDEAS, Wan Saiful Wan Jan said, “This [initiative] is especially vital now that [the Malaysian government is] looking at creating a law to manage diversity…But I think there needs to be more conversations around this – maybe we don’t need heavy-handed government intervention to create unity as the unintended consequences of goodwill regulation cannot be predicted. If we take the wrong approach to manage diversity, it will create more divisions,” he notes. Continue to full article here.