January 15, 2019 Print

From left: Daniel Press, Camille Cross, Josh Adamson

The Mannkal Foundation launched in 1997, and since the founding, has sponsored roughly 300 Perth university students to attend conferences and participate in internships. These sponsorships were awarded on a competitive basis in order to focus attention to develop future leaders in the global liberty movement.

Looking forward to 2019, the Mannkal Program will transition away from conferences and internships and focus more on tours of study. These tours of study will be a crash course in classical liberalism. Students will now get the opportunity to travel and learn from multiple think tanks and organizations, as opposed to just one.

Check out the success stories below:


Camille Cross. Studied a Bachelor of Human Resource Management at Notre Dame University. Mannkal Scholar to the Adam Smith Institute, London, in July & August 2018

“Mannkal sent me to the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) in London for 8 weeks to learn about classical liberalism and free markets. The ASI gave me countless opportunities to research and write about anything I wanted from plastic straws, paid organ donations and more surprisingly, Love Island and Kylie Jenner. After my brief stint in London, I went back to Perth for 3 weeks, obtained a visa to work in the UK and flew straight back over to try and make my dream of working in London a reality. Since October I have been the development officer at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS). I focus on fundraising and individual engagement and help to organise intimate donor events where we have economists, MP’s and other interesting people talk about their work. Mannkal not only taught us about free market economics and individualism but taught us to be inquisitive, take initiative and make the most of every opportunity.”

Dan Press. Studied a Bachelor of Political Science & International Relations and Economics at The University of Western Australia. Mannkal Scholar to Atlas Network from December 2015 – February 2016

“My Mannkal scholarship to the Atlas Network in Washington D.C. opened doors for me that I couldn’t have imagined. Not only did I develop important skills in public policy analysis, but I was fortunate enough to connect with other think tanks around Washington, leading me to intern at organizations such as the Cato Institute, the Charles Koch Institute, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Today, I work as a Policy Analyst for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, where I write on issues of financial regulation. At CEI I have been fortunate to have my work published in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Forbes, and many other outlets, while I have also delivered speeches at the U.S Senate, U.S Department of State, and at conferences around America.

My career working at a free-market think tank in the United States would not have been possible without that initial opportunity from Mannkal. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about free markets and experiencing a new culture to apply for this invaluable program.

Josh Adamson. Studied a Bachelor of Economics & Finance at Curtin University. Mannkal Scholar to the Centre for Policy Studies, London, from December 2017 – February 2018

“Mannkal provided me with the opportunity to intern at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) in London. Located in the heart of Westminster, the CPS is [among] the oldest and most respected think-tanks in the United Kingdom. Working directly under the Head of Economic Research, I was able to apply classical economic theory I have been exposed to through Mannkal to some of the real-world problems facing contemporary British society. I also had the chance to write my own blogs and articles for the CPS website, and through this discovered a passion for free-market economic analysis, research and writing.

Since returning to Perth I’ve continued writing articles, which I’ve been very fortunate to have published on websites such as CapX, FEE and LibertyWorks, and worked in local government as a Corporate Services Intern. I’m now very happy to be interning at Mannkal, working underneath Executive Director Andrew Pickford as an Economic Researcher while I complete post-graduate studies in economics.

Mannkal has opened up countless opportunities and pathways for me as an aspiring economist before, during, and after my internship at the CPS. I will be forever thankful for the time and support Mannkal has generously offered as I look to pursue a career advocating for free markets and liberty.”

Check back with the Mannkal Foundation for more updates on its 2019 program.