September 11, 2017 Print

Often, those who may immediately benefit greatly from the ideas of economic freedom are those who have never been exposed to them. One such group of people are the over 35 million speakers of Malayalam in southwestern India. An ongoing project of the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), an Atlas Network partner organization based in Kochi, India, has been to teach Malayalam speakers about classical liberalism by translating influential works touting free societies.

“The translation work helps to reach out to the masses easily,” said Dr. D Dhanuraj, chairman of CPPR. “Our research papers and articles also help to build an audience. Most of the topics in our works are related to the local challenges that help readers to relate it to economic freedom.”

In a little over a year, CPPR has translated Frédéric Bastiat’s The Law, Eamonn Butler’s Foundations of a Free Society, and, most recently, The Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You, edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer. Its translation of The Morality of Capitalism will be released in a few weeks as well.

“The idea of economic freedom is still at a very nascent stage of understanding for the majority [of India],” continued Dhanuraj. “So, its significance and conviction are lacking in most of the conversations.”

The Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You was a joint publication of Atlas Network and Students For Liberty and features selected works of Frédéric Bastiat with a foreword by F.A. Hayek. Classic essays featured include “What is Seen and What is Not Seen” and “A Petition.” Bastiat’s arguments accomplished much in proving that governments possess neither the moral authority to intervene in the economic affairs of their citizens nor the ability to drive prosperity through intervention.

CPPR is preparing a series of booklets for publications to be disseminated to local universities. It additionally hosts seminars, round tables, and lectures to discuss the message of liberty. CPPR’s work is regularly referenced in several prominent Indian news outlets, such as the Times of India, The Hindu, and The New Indian Express.

An example of the public policy work CPPR engages in is its goal to implement the Model Shops and Establishments Act in Kerala, which was passed last year and aims to improve the environment for doing business in India. “… We are waiting for amendments to the legislation by the government in the Shops & Establishment Act of Kerala,” concluded Dhanuraj. “If the suggestions come through, it will give shops the freedom to [operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.]”

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