April 1, 2020 Print

Criminal justice continues to be a major institutional challenge in Mexico, especially with the country’s violent crime rates. More than 95 percent of homicides go unpunished. México Evalúa, an Atlas Network partner, has offered data-driven recommendations to local and federal governments to curb this problematic trend.

Promoting “evidence-based” policies, México Evalúa has worked with local and federal governments to advance reform. “We signed agreements with three municipalities—Guadalajara, Zapopan, and Tlaquepaque,” explained México Evalúa Development Officer Arturo Parra. The proposals covered a wide range of localized plans aimed at curbing government corruption and violent crime

“We offered data-backed solutions, such as Police Departments identifying crime “hot spots” so they can better focus their attention,” continued Parra. “We also recommended safety-based urban design methods to prevent and reduce crime; the development of a gender perspective training for municipal police forces; and a stronger emphasis on reliable, high-quality crime data.”

The Anti-Corruption Attorney General, created at the recommendation of México Evalúa, is a new position tasked with targeting government corruption. As Parra put it, “this position will investigate and prosecute crimes related to corruption under federal jurisdiction, as well as any crime committed by a federal public servant in the performance of his job.” While the first appointment was unsuccessful, President Andres Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, will be appointing a new candidate in the near future.

Parra and the whole México Evalúa team attribute Atlas Network’s support for some of their ongoing success. “Through generous funding, specialized training courses, conferences, and workshops, Atlas Network has remarkably strengthened our institutional capabilities and enhanced our level of impact. We are honored to consider Atlas Network one of our closest allies.”

México Evalúa is a recipient of Atlas Network’s illiberalism grant in support of this project. Illiberalism grants awarded to help our partner organizations that are working to combat the new authoritarianism and stop the rise of illiberal statist sentiment.