August 25, 2014 Print

This summer, Dr. Luis Rubio, chairman of Atlas Network partner Center for Research and Development (CIDAC) in Mexico, was named Global Fellow for the U.S.-based Wilson Center, a non-partisan policy forum that seeks to tackle global issues through independent research and open dialogue.

In remarks he delivered the week of his appointment, Dr. Rubio elaborated on the challenges in Mexico that prevent its further growth. He emphasized the importance of the rule of law and the critical role of trust in the law. He argued that the current government needs to recognize the trust deficit between citizens and their government and that to win their trust and attract further investment, focus needs to be placed on the predictability and reliability of institutions. He gave the example of property takings and made clear that such takings must only happen when warranted and that fair compensation must always be provided in those cases.

A video of the event, “Mexico Today: The Growth Challenge,” can be viewed here.