August 21, 2014 Print

A recent study by Texas Public Policy Foundation expert Kathleen Harnett White, Fossil Fuels: The Moral Case, was the subject of discussion on The Energy Makers Show. On the show White said, “[the] infeasible standards that [the EPA] has imposed, the very inferior science, I said ‘wait, this needs to be looked at from a broader, deeper, really palpably human perspective’, by which I mean the moral case”.

The study, available here, revisits the role of fossil fuels in generating the economic growth that has uplifted living standards around the world. In White’s conclusion, she writes:

“Energy policy sits at a crossroads. Will living generations eschew high energy use made possible by fossil fuels to lower a risk of theoretically predicted global warming? Would voters choose an energy regression to less productive, efficient, comfortable, and healthy living standards? Multiple polls say no way! For the wealthy elites who make policy decisions—“the ruling class,” it appears to be another story.”