November 16, 2015 Print

Congratulations to the winner of this year’s $25,000 Think Tank Shark Tank competition Admir Čavalić of Bosnia and Herzegovina-based Multi for the “Balkan Liberty Fest” project proposal.

The Balkan area has a long history of regional conflict, suffering under a half-century of communist rule and four years of brutal war. “Balkan Liberty Fest” will be an annual, three-day event to discuss the ideas of liberty and the future of regional countries, with a strong message for change.

Admir Čavalić of Bosnia and Herzegovina-based Multi pitching the “Balkan Liberty Fest.”

“Libertarians are winning the intellectual arguments, but we are losing on emotions,” Čavalić said. “People from the left are extremely good at this, and they tend to inspire and empower our youth with their ideas, although they don’t have any arguments. That is why we need to win the battle for culture, and a festival is a great way to show that the ideas of liberty are trendy and exciting — something that young people want. We want to unite people of the Balkans for a better future. We can do this with Balkan Liberty Fest. It will have everything that you ever wanted from a festival…keynote speeches, lectures, trainings, networking, debates, films, parties, concerts, and much more.”

Judges for the 2015 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition: Dan Grossman, Atlas Network; Ron Manners, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation (Australia); Don Smith, Smith Family Foundation (United States); Terry Kibbe, Rising Tide Foundation (United States).

Each year at Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, four graduates of Atlas Leadership Academy compete for the $25,000 grand prize, generously sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation. These innovators are the leading minds in the global freedom movement. In addition to Čavalić, this year’s Think Tank Shark Tank contestants included:

Isack Danford, with Tanzania-based Uhuru Initiative for Policy and Education. Danford proposed a “Youth in Business” entrepreneurship program that would provide Tanzanian youth with training in business management skills before matching them with mentors and financial institutions.




Richard Lorenc, with U.S.-based Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). Lorenc presented his “Economics in One Day” plan, which would provide an engaging crash course on 12 crucial economic concepts through hands-on activities and ready-to-go materials that enable individuals to teach these ideas locally.


Giannina Raffo, with Venezuela-based CEDICE Freedom. Raffo pitched an “Inflatio-meter of Venezuela” tool, which would allow Venezuelans to see the specific effects that inflation has on their families, and act as a defense against devalued currency in the absence of reliable government data.





The winner of the 2014 Think Tank Shark Tank was Baladevan Rangaraju of New Delhi–based India Institute for the “i-torney: a people’s pocket lawyer mobile app” project proposal.