October 30, 2014 Print

Charles Krauthammer was honored for his leadership in political thought at the National Review Institute’s (NRI) inaugural William F. Buckley Jr. Prize Dinner in New York City. Krauthammer said in his acceptance speech, “"There are self evident truths. They don't always carry the day but they will if we make the case for them."

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, over 350 conservative leaders, philanthropists and friends of the NRI from around the country came together and filled Chelsea’s IAC Building to celebrate the legacy of William F. Buckley Jr. and the inaugural William F. Buckley Jr. Prize honorees.

The prize is awarded to those who champion the principles Buckley advanced during his lifetime. This year’s recipients were the DeVos family, for their leadership is supporting liberty, and Charles Krauthammer, for leadership in political thought. NRI President Lindsay Craig said at the ceremony, “Both are ardent defenders of the free society and epitomize the exceptional spirit of Bill Buckley.”

Read more about NRI and the William F. Buckley Prize here. We extend our congratulations to both the DeVos family and Charles Krauthammer.