July 16, 2018 Print

The inspiration, organization, and discussion necessary for a global freedom movement requires a vibrant, active community. Atlas Network partner Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted yet another successful FEEcon. From June 7–9, nearly 700 people from 38 states and 17 countries gathered at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to celebrate freedom and human creativity.

“FEEcon was designed to deliver powerful experiences to inspire and empower each individual at the conference to improve his or her life and the lives of those around us,” said Jason Riddle, vice president of programs & strategic operations at FEE. “FEEcon is focused on the self-empowering message of entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and value creation.”

President and Chief Community Officer of Free the People Matt Kibbe receives the Leonard E. Read Distinguished Alumni Award.

FEEcon featured numerous events. First and foremost, the conference offered inspiring performances and speakers, networking opportunities, and practical knowledge for individuals who want to put the ideas of freedom into practice around the world. Grammy-nominated cellist Tina Guo opened the conference with a rendition of the Wonder Woman theme. Speakers included Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity: Water; Brian and Gabrielle Bosché, founders of The Millennial Solution; Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the Super Soaker and now CEO of Johnson Research and Development; and Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian in space.

Watch Venezuelan Protestor Wuilly Arteaga's Inspiring Performance at FEEcon.

“At FEE, we imagine a world of greater wellbeing for all people, where the dignity of each person is respected, and people have the freedom and opportunity to live more fulfilling lives,” continued Riddle. “We believe this is only possible in a society made up of individual people with strong personal character. Hence the theme of FEEcon: ‘Set your path. Change the world.’”

In conjunction with Atlas Network partner Taliesin Nexus, FEE screened 5 films. One of the films was FEE’s latest documentary in their ‘How We Thrive’ series, called "Made in Meckhe," about Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade and her journey to bring more entrepreneurship and investment to Africa.

Watch the Made in Meckhe trailer.

“For the broader screening with Taliesin, we wanted to provide our attendees a window into a career path that many of them probably don't think about, but it was also simply an opportunity to showcase the good work our sponsor and partner organizations are doing,” said Riddle. “With ‘Made in Meckhe,’ the ultimate goal is to educate people about economic issues that plague many parts of the world — not just Africa — by presenting the story of one individual in a quality documentary.”

FEEcon also featured 50 breakout sessions for students and FEE supporters to learn about the foundations of a free and prosperous society. The sessions were organized according to nine tracks: Entrepreneurship and Business Success, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Debating the Issues, Paths to Education, Technology and Innovation, FEEcon Innovation Challenge, Creative Pursuits, Market Urbanism: A New Approach to Urban Development, and Challenging Statism.

“FEEcon has truly blossomed into an incredible community of entrepreneurs, innovators, wealth creators, and people of extraordinary personal character who are changing the world,” concluded Riddle. “I hope you mark June 13–15 on your calendar and join us for FEEcon 2019 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis!”