June 8, 2015 Print

Parents want the best educational opportunities for their children, but government policy often stands in the way. Things may soon improve for Nevada families, however, because the state Senate recently passed a bill that would allow parents to establish an Education Savings Account (ESA) that can be used to finance a wide array of educational alternatives for children whose needs are not being met in traditional public schools. Atlas Network partner the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI), which has long highlighted the benefits of school choice policy, explained how parents may be able to avail themselves of this potential new opportunity.

“Unlike a voucher, ESA funds can be used on a variety of education expenditures, including private school tuition, tutoring, distance learning and even transportation expenses,” NPRI’s deputy communications director, Chantal Lovell, wrote in a press release. “ESAs allow parents to customize their child’s education in a way that is best tailored to their child’s unique needs. If money is left over in the account, it can be saved and used in following years.”

NPRI Executive Vice President Victor Joecks also noted that the bill only provides ESA funding from Nevada’s Distributive School Account, so public school districts will “keep all the funding from local sources outside the DSA and federal dollars, while having fewer students to educate.”

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