August 14, 2018 Print

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), an Atlas Network partner, recently released a short, informative video about the platform economy and the threats this booming industry faces from government regulation. CEI Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray explains that entrepreneurs in the platform economy provide a trusted channel that connects customers and service providers.

CEI Vice President for Strategy, Iain Murray, explains how the platform economy will empower billions of people to earn a living and pursue peace and prosperity — if bureaucrats and regulators simply untie burdensome rules hampering innovators.

Murray describes the platform economy as exactly what ride-hailing services like Uber provide: payment platforms and supplier verification without stringent government oversight. However, the platform economy is threatened by outdated government regulations that could impede innovation and cripple growth.

“If the heavy hand of government is allowed to stifle these transaction platforms, if regulators succeed in breaking up transaction services, the next great technological revolution could pass us by,” says Murray. “We all use the platform economy. Now let’s become defenders of it by pressing lawmakers and bureaucrats to keep transaction platforms we love untied from red tape and bureaucratic controls. Our 21st century American economy depends on it.”