December 20, 2017 Print

The recent turn of Greeks back to the ideas of classical liberalism is continuing. Earlier in December, The Center for Liberal Studies - Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM) hosted an award ceremony for “Freedom in Greece,” called PROMETHEUS 2017, at St. George Lycabettus in the presence of 120 prominent guests and award winners.

KEFiM President Alexander Skouras presents Tom Palmer with a Lifetime Achievement Award at PROMETHEUS 2017.

Former Atlas Network director of external relations and current president of KEFiM, Alexander Skouras, presented Dr. Tom Palmer, Atlas Network’s executive vice president for international programs and George M. Yeager chair for advancing liberty, with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Tom Palmer, Atlas Network’s executive vice president for international programs and George M. Yeager chair for advancing liberty, is presented the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at PROMOTHEUS 2017.

While in Greece, Palmer was also interviewed by, Thema Radio (interview starts at 10:22), and Fileleftheros Newspaper.

 Another award of PROMOTHEUS 2017 was of Artist of the Year, which was awarded to the famously private cartoonist Arkas. Publisher Vangelis Trikeriotis received the accolade on behalf of Arkas, from Professor Aristides Chatzis. The best-known cartoon artist in Greece, Arkas’ true identity is unknown but after years of being apolitical he created a series of characters that revealed his classical liberal ideas. His most influential cartoon character is the prophet, who is a cynical, old, and wise libertarian who struggles with how easily people are fooled by politicians.

“You should work hard, live frugal, save money, and the day will come when you'll be able to pay your taxes without having to get loans to do so” (translated from Greek).

Stephanos Manos, former member of the Hellenic Parliament and former government minister, won the Lifetime Award for Promoting Individual Liberty. "Greece, in order to make progress, must return to Greeks the freedoms deprived to them by the expansion of the state” said Mr. Manos in his speech, underlining the need for courageous decisions in order for Greece to recover. Manos served as finance minister in the early 1990s in the Konstantinos Mitsotakis government, which was the most reform oriented government that Greece had since the restoration of democracy in 1974. Costas Stoupas, a writer for, was awarded Journalist of the Year, and Nikos Drandakis, founder of the ride sharing app Beat, won Entrepreneur of the Year.

PROMOTHEUS 2017 was covered by several top media outlets, including Skai TV (English subtitles).

“KEFiM aims to reward individuals, whose work or activities symbolize the values of liberalism,” said KEFiM in a review of PROMOTHEUS 2017, “Prometheus represents a basic principle of liberalism, according to which the liberal man raises his stature not only for his own freedom, but for the freedom of others. Prometheus’ myth also symbolizes trust and man’s ability to manage knowledge together with the responsibility that this entails. We are committed to ensure that the PROMETHEUS awards develop into a real institution for liberalism in Greece in the years to come!”