June 19, 2014 Print

This year, Atlas Network launched an international mentorship program pairing successful and innovative think tank veterans with some of the brightest and most promising young professionals in the worldwide freedom movement. "There’s so much local and institutional knowledge in our movement that it would be a huge missed opportunity not to take advantage of it. This program allows me to do just that – learn from a leader who has experience and insight on the challenges and opportunities I'm wrestling with every day," explained Richard Lorenc, director of programs and alumni relations at Foundation for Economic Education, who is paired this year with Clint Bolick, co-founder of Institute for Justice and current vice president of litigation at the Goldwater Institute.

The mentorship program is part of the Atlas Leadership Academy, a suite of online and in-person training opportunities designed to strengthen the reach and leadership capacity of pro-liberty think tank leaders and staff. "We think one of the most powerful things we can do to help those advancing liberty is to grow the network of like-minded allies who can share the lessons, insights and inspiration needed to succeed," said Cindy Cerquitella, director of training at the Atlas Network. "This mentorship program is a prime example of that principle, and we're thrilled to have the commitment of so many well-respected leaders serving as mentors this year."

Our mentors not only communicate regularly with those being mentored via phone, Skype and email, but thanks to the generosity of Atlas Network donors, the pairs are able to meet together at least twice during the year for intensive discussion, demonstrations and strategic networking opportunities. It all culminates at the annual Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, where mentors will share their final words of advice. “I wouldn’t be where I am without my mentor, Dr. Hans Sennholz. It’s amazing to see a program offering that kind of experience to young people today,” offered Matt Kibbe, director of FreedomWorks and mentor to Jonathan Bydlak, founder of Coalition to Reduce Spending.

The 2014 Mentorship Program is currently serving 15 recipients from 10 countries, each will earn three credits. To learn more about the mentorship program or any other training opportunities within the Atlas Leadership Academy, click here.