May 5, 2015 Print

One of the most important reasons that Atlas Network brings together partner organizations from across the globe is so that the best ideas conceived, formulated, and implemented by each of them can be replicated elsewhere — allowing everybody to build on each other’s strengths and success. The latest project to follow this model is a tax calculator launched by Poland-based Atlas Network partner Civil Development Forum (FOR), allowing everyone there to estimate how much money they spend in various forms of taxation to pay for the maintenance of the government.

The FOR tax calculator is based on a similar project launched in July 2014 by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, and aims to show that taxes and public spending are two sides of the same coin. It demonstrates through customized interaction that discussions of lowering taxes should always be accompanied by reductions in government expenditures — and the growth of public spending necessarily entails raising taxes.

This new tax calculator is just one of the many ways in which FOR promotes economic freedom, the rule of law, and the ideas of limited government. Other notable projects have included its public debt clock, social and educational campaigns, economic comic books, public debates, lectures, seminars for students, and civil society mobilization.

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