October 23, 2015 Print

Storytelling through film and video is more important than ever as an accessible means of sharing the message of liberty and free markets. As part of Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty! program, you and your organization have a chance to work with veteran filmmakers to tell your organization’s story of success and impact.

In association with Atlas Network, filmmakers Kit Tyler and Leon Corcos will make a video for one selected Atlas Network partner. The video production and editing costs will be generously donated by Corcos and Tyler, who each have more than 35 years of experience making films. The two filmmakers became involved with Atlas Network as a way to bring their talents and abilities to partner organizations that might not normally have the means for such production.

To qualify for the award, your organization must have a compelling story or issue that will translate well visually, with a strong potential for solid impact, whether locally, regionally, or worldwide. Then length of the film will be determined by the needs of the subject matter. Applications are open now, so apply today!

The official announcement of the award and application process will happen during the Lights, Camera, Liberty! Film Festival during this year’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner on Nov. 11–12 in New York City. So, if you are attending, you won’t want to miss the special announcement — or the opportunity, for Atlas Network partners, to bring your best story ideas. These are the stories that need to be told … the ones that will strengthen your policy advocacy efforts … the ones that have a real human interest … the ones that will catch the attention of policymakers and citizens alike, and spark real change.

You don’t have to be in attendance to participate, but those Atlas Network partners in attendance should bring real story ideas with them, because a select few will have the chance to pitch their ideas directly to Leon and Kit. It will be an extra special part of this event to have your proposal heard directly by the filmmakers.

Questions? Contact Matt Warner at Matt.Warner@AtlasNetwork.org.

Apply here for the Lights, Camera, Liberty! “Tell Your Story” award. Applications are due no later than Dec. 15, 2015.

More about the filmmakers:

Kit Tyler

Kit has had a celebrated career in journalism. From the civil war in Somalia to the breakup of the Soviet Union, to the first free elections in South Africa, Kit has traveled the globe covering international, national, and regional news. His work has appeared on every commercial television network in the United States, as well as on PBS and an ever-growing list of cable networks, winning five Emmy awards and serving as host of other national, state, and regional award shows. Kit has created scores of successful programs for art, business, government, and non-profit clients. His documentary credits include a dozen feature-length broadcast programs, including the Emmy award–winning national PBS series Saving the Bay.

Leon Corcos

After a 10-year career in television news and advertising, Leon’s interest in public policy caused a shift in gears. Leon transitioned into a successful career producing advocacy campaign commercials and media throughout the Western United States, producing television for statewide propositions, Senate, and congressional races, as well as mayoral races and local measures. He has also produced message-driven media for many state and national associations, and has received several awards for his work. Leon has produced both documentaries and feature films, most recently executive producing Stretch, directed by Joe Carnahan, starring Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, and Ed Helms. He is currently in production on Mother’s Day, directed by Garry Marshall and starring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Jason Sudeikis.