June 11, 2014 Print

In Michigan, the teachers’ union, Michigan Education Association (MEA), makes it hard for teachers to opt out of the union. MEA says that opting out can only happen in August. So the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is making it a little easier for teachers to exercise their rights. The Mackinac Center developed an easy-to-use website designed to help teachers understand their rights and to help take the required steps to opt-out of the MEA. The website, AugustOptOut.org, has been developed by The Mackinac Center, an Atlas Network partner and 2013 Templeton Freedom Award finalist for its Right to Work Campaign. AugustOptOut.org provides a much-needed service to the teachers of Michigan who want to know more about opting out of the MEA. The website has testimonials available as well as a calculator to estimate how much teachers will save and could invest during the rest of their careers instead of paying dues. The website will also provide form letters for teachers to send to their local union official stating their intention to opt out. “With all of the confusion going on as to when public-sector union members can or cannot opt out of their union, we thought this streamlined process would be a big help to unions that are trying to keep their members informed and for employees who are trying to sort out their rights,” said Patrick J. Wright, the Mackinac Center’s vice president for legal affairs in a news release.