January 20, 2020 Print

To assure an easier and less time intensive process, Atlas Network has developed a new two-step process to streamline grant applications. 

Step 1: Submit an Online Funding Inquiry (OFI) through Atlas Network’s applications portal

The OFI will include your proposed outputs and outcomes, request amount, 50-word project summary, project budget, and project title. During this stage, Atlas Network will use your completed OFI to determine whether what you propose could be a match for existing funding. If selected to proceed with the grant application process, you will be asked to complete step 2.    

Deadlines: February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 5

Step 2: If selected, proceed with a complete grant application  

Your completed application will expand upon the OFI, providing more details and context on your strategy, budget, and timeline. These details will inform our grant’s committee in the decision-making process. Final grant notices will be issued within three weeks of the Step 2 deadline.

Deadlines: March 5, June 5, September 5, November 26 

P.S. Already submitted your application for the February 15 deadline? No sweat. All pending grant applications will be grandfathered into consideration by our committee.