April 3, 2020 Print

Fundación Libertad y Progreso (LyP), an Argentinian Atlas Network partner, has developed a new tool for parents and children to learn the principles of a free economy. Through a series of animated children’s fables, LyP hopes to make it easier for individuals of all ages to understand the benefits of a free society. 

The videos, which premiered in March, are based on the stories of classic French fabulist Jean de La Fontaine but are revised to teach important lessons of entrepreneurship and economic freedom. The first story of the series is La Fontaine’s “The Grasshopper and the Ants.” In LyP’s retelling, the grasshopper is replaced by a cicada who uses his own entrepreneurial spirit to support the ants who feed him in return. By using stories that are both familiar and easily understood, LyP is encouraging families to approach the ideas of liberty together.

In LyP’s retelling of the famous fable, the grasshopper is replaced by a cicada who uses his own entrepreneurial spirit to support the ants who feed him in return.

“The idea for this series was born as part of a concern that we share in Libertad y Progreso regarding the loss of values and virtues that made this country great,” said LyP Executive Director Aldo Abram. “We must recover them because they are necessary, today, to remove Argentina from the current decline and will be essential to insert it in a challenging world; but that offers us great opportunities.”

LyP wants their video series to be a new tool to combat growing populism in Argentina. The government has seen rapid expansion in recent years, with additions of new ministries and bureaucracies. The private sector in the country is relatively undeveloped, meaning the public is dependent on the government for jobs and livelihoods. LyP is trying to increase public awareness of the deficiencies of this model and educate individuals and families on the best path to growth and progress.

“Our purpose is to give a new tool for the generations to come, to start a change and in the long run make a real change in society,” said Conrado Etchebarne, who works on LyP’s communications team. “In Argentina, we currently see first-hand how ‘the law of the instrument’ works–if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We have to show there are other ways to solve problems. We need to change our vicious circle to a virtuous one.”

In addition to this video series, LyP has seen success with other initiatives, including a successful targeting of government policies to reduce tariffs on laptops to increase accessibility in vulnerable communities. The new series builds on LyP’s commitment to increase access to opportunities so individuals can better themselves and support their families.

The first video, “La Verdadera Fábula de la Cigarra y la Hormiga,” has received nearly 30,000 views in just two weeks. LyP has released two videos and has plans to release an additional two.

This video series was supported by an Atlas Network grant.