July 21, 2015 Print

Opening the eyes of ordinary citizens to the government’s increasingly prying presence in their lives, especially young people, requires a fresh approach. Using innovative techniques to explain the extensive drawbacks of intrusive government power has a better chance of raising awareness in a way that draws in those who might not otherwise be open to such a message. Embodying this approach, Atlas Network partner the Independent Institute launched its new satirical YouTube video series about liberty this month.

Titled Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate, this timely, bold five-part series “personifies the increasing folly, cost, and intrusiveness of government” in people’s lives in a comedic and compelling manner. In just two weeks since its launch, Love Gov has already received more than 780,000 combined YouTube views.

Love Gov features Scott “Gov” Govinsky, a character who personifies the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend who imposes his “good intentions” on an idealistic college student, Alexis. Each episode follows her relationship with “Gov” as his intrusions wreak comedic havoc on her life professionally, financially, and socially. The lighthearted approach speaks to audiences on a personal level, and has the potential to inspire them to learn more and take action.

The series also connects viewers with the Independent Institute’s free MyGovCost mobile app, enabling anyone to estimate their lifetime federal tax liability and assets that could have been accrued if their taxes were instead kept in their own hands and privately invested. The MyGovCost app also helps users to learn more about government encroachment through relevant articles and other resources (including commentary from “Gov”).

Watch Lov Gov and help take this important video series viral.

Download the Independent Institute’s MyGovCost mobile app.